Shopping bearing efficiency in mind

Buying feedstock for your production process is slightly different to buying equipment and services for new development or renovation projects. At this stage a professional buyer can be invaluable in both senses of the word. You can leave procurement up to Vicoma. Buying project-specific parts requires serious expertise, knowledge of specifications and insight into project schedule. Particularly if the project involved means we are responsible for all detail engineering issues, overlap with procurement is taken for granted. 

Based on the requirements that follow from detail engineering, we can select suppliers cost-efficiently while observing the technical specifications. Also, we can proceed together with your own procurement organisation, taking on a flexible role. Incoming offers are analysed for technical and financial accuracy. Expediting is another field for relying on the expertise and decisiveness of Vicoma’s professionals. We meticulously monitor the progress of activities performed by suppliers, verify input and incoming drafts, dimensions and specifications and we check invoices to make sure they are correct.

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