A safe installation is paramount!

Each machine and installation must comply with established laws and regulations. Vicoma helps in having your installations meet these requirements. Not only as far as the design and realisation of the machine itself are concerned, but also regarding the corresponding regulations and the obligatory additional work and documentation for this.

Carrying out a standards investigation, the obligatory Risk Assessment and Evaluation , the preparation of operating and maintenance manuals and the collection or preparation of the other necessary certificates and documentation are just a few of the specific tasks with which the engineers from Vicoma Engineering are happy to be of service to you.

We think about all the steps that are necessary to facilitate application of the CE mark during the engineering and, where possible, we involve you, as the owner of the future installation, in this process.

This is the way Vicoma thinks it should go: Safety is something you achieve together.

Do you already have an existing machine? No problem. Even with existing machines and installations, with which Vicoma has not been previously involved, we offer you our Machinery Directive as help.

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