HAZOP studies

Safety studies are an essential component of risk management in the process industry. Vicoma is regularly called in as an independent expert in order to verify that installations still meet their specifications, in particular those in the field of safety. In multidisciplinary teams we analyse potential undesirable deviations in the operation of an installation. On the basis of a malfunction analysis (HAZard and OPerability study), we identify in a creative way which deviations a process produces and, in particular, what the potential dangers of that could be. Vicoma also can advise whether an additional investigation has added value. This might include SIL, QRA, FMEA, CE guidelines (PED, ATEX), Risk Assessment (RI&E) machine design and fire safety.

Vicoma’s process department has extensive knowledge and experience of this in diverse installations and processes. The study gives you as a client the assurance that the controls, detection and protection devices of the process are adequate for a safe installation.

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