Inspections of electrical installations

Electrical installations are expected to be in good condition. However, despite regular maintenance practice sometimes proves otherwise. Vicoma is familiar with inspections of various electrical systems, proactively and periodically. This gives you the security of a system that is safe for people and reliable for your continuity.

Inspectors from Vicoma carry out these checks independently. We have no relationship with installation technicians, so that you can rely on an honest opinion. Each Vicoma inspector is an experienced specialist. Driven and knowledgeable. For you that is the basis for a recommendation that gives security.

Why periodic inspections?
Periodic inspections lead to lower maintenance charges and a higher predictability of malfunctions that may occur in your installations. This allows you the opportunity to carry out preventive maintenance in time and at the right time. An inspection by our inspectors thus contributes to a dependable, reliable and above all safe installation.

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