Thermographic inspections

Thermography may be used for multiple objectives. Malfunctions, temperature deviations and overloads can be detected on the basis of thermographic inspections. Vicoma uses thermography as an extra addition to the prescribed inspections of the NEN 3140 and NEN 1010. Further, thermography is used in mechanical engineering installations, e.g. boilers, piping, tracing, and the like.

By means of thermographic scanning, the heat development of an object can be measured without contact. This measurement method uses a thermal imaging camera with which the temperature can be properly visualised. During a measurement, the temperature of an object or a part thereof is determined. The advantage of thermographic measurements is that it is also used for hard-to-reach places. And production processes do not need to be shut down. Hence there is no stagnation.

Thermographic reports
Vicoma provides comprehensive reporting of thermographic inspections. In such a report you will find a temperature analysis per subject, combined with an ‘ordinary’ digital photo. This gives you a clear analysis of the circumstances, location and observation. Including practical recommendations as to which measures are most appropriate. 

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