A flexible agency that’s easy to deal with

Vicoma is an independent and pragmatic engineering firm. We help the process industry in the Netherlands and beyond with solutions, support and/or achievement of comprehensive (EPCM) engineering and consultancy services, both single and multidisciplinary, in order to improve industrial installations. For this we have in-house engineers for all disciplines. With this we are a reliable and in particular flexible partner for all your questions in the fields of maintenance, sustainability and renovation/new build. We never see our advice to you as an end in itself. On the contrary, for us it is the first important step in order to realise your goals.

Our markets
We are at home in various market areas: chemicals, food & pharmaceutical, oil & gas and energy.

How we differentiate ourselves

  • Pragmatic hands-on mentality
  • Flat organisation, who can proceed quickly
  • Our advice is not an end in itself but focused on achievement, based on the context of the company
  • Vicoma helps seek solutions about the process for the long term, based on an integrated approach