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A lot is changing in your and our markets. New production processes, new products, new regulations. At Vicoma we’re keeping pace with this innovation to the full. We know the current situation in the sectors in which we operate. We are regularly involved in many innovative projects and work together with so-called technology start-ups. Furthermore we support employees in continuously taking their knowledge and skills to a higher level through education and training.

Transcription Video René Mekkelholt

"We are dealing with protective industry, which certainly doesn’t want to be the first to try it out. But also doesn’t want to be the last to use it. There is thus increasingly more collected from our clients’ processes. This is being used to then control the same processes again in the best possible way. There’s a lot happening in sensor technology. A lot is happening at factories in automation, the recording of signals and registering of signals. Optimal process execution also means using as little energy as possible. Energy in the Netherlands is expensive, far too expensive to be as efficient as possible compared to the countries where the energy is much cheaper. We will have to ensure further energy

savings together with our customers. This can only be done with innovative solutions. For our customers innovation means that we strive for an installation that requires minimal maintenance and is able to operate for long periods without stopping. Vicoma sets the guidelines. Especially when it comes to innovation".

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