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Vicoma is also active beyond the Dutch borders. We work for overseas clients or for foreign companies that are affiliated with Dutch clients on a regular basis. This is partly done from the Netherlands. And as a flexible company, we are also deployed on site to support projects anywhere in the world. We also have a partnership with an engineering firm in Vietnam, working in areas such as as-built and overhaul work.

Transcription Video Ronald Moraal

"The difference with the engineering is in the fact that you have to deal with the specific regulations of that country. The American, the Australian regulations or wherever we are constructing. In addition, you also have to deal with the local conditions, such as earthquakes. We’re also doing increasingly more offshore. That’s a totally different kettle of fish. In the Offshore branch, you have other codes and very specific demanding specifications. How can it be more efficient, how can it be more cost effective? Those are developments we’re looking into. We are also looking at low-wage countries for support, allowing us to offer more competitive prices. Enabling us to expand more to the higher engineering segments in our own market in the Netherlands. More to basic engineering and to outsource detail engineering to the low-wage countries. Those are issues we’re working on. Vicoma sets the guidelines. Also internationally".

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