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Our activities always lie in an area where there is only one imaginable quality: the highest. Whether it’s regarding efficiency or safety issues. Whether it’s about economic interests or sustainability. That’s why you can depend on Vicoma. We identify your problem clearly and come up with the best solution. We have the people and resources in-house for this. Plus the customer-oriented mentality that lifts our output to an even higher level.

Transcription Video Marco Witter

"The quality of the documents must be good, because we work in an industrial environment where danger lurks everywhere and every day. The design of an installation is only as strong as its weakest link. We have mechanical engineering, civil engineering and electricals & instrumentation, and process takes care of the integration of all components and disciplines. I myself am a perfectionist and this is a guarantee that the package is 100% good. Vicoma sets the guidelines: especially when it comes to quality".

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