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The Dutch chemical industry sets the bar high in the field of sustainability. The emission of greenhouse gases must decrease, the use of biomass must increase. In other sectors, too, aspirations are high, such as in the food industry. These are aspirations that require solutions for resource sustainability, energy conservation, water management, reduction of emissions and process optimisation. Vicoma makes a significant contribution here.

Transcription Video Renny Giling:
"I personally believe that sustainability is immensely important. It is the way of making the world liveable for everyone in the future. Green engineering always starts on the proverbial drawing board. But of course it’s a lot broader. It’s engineering in particular. It is especially good to think about what you want to achieve and ultimately summarise this in drawings.

An example of innovative energy storage is a rotating flywheel, in which you can store energy. At the moment you need it again, you can get it out. Our approach is pragmatic because we know that our customers want solutions, not just fat documents. Vicoma sets the guidelines. Also when it comes to sustainability".

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