Food & Pharmaceuticals

The engineering firm for food & pharmaceuticals

Vicoma works for many companies in food & pharmaceuticals. With our broad experience we are able to understand and respond quickly to your requirements.
Our spheres of activity:
  • The production, transportation, storage and processing of liquids, solids, powders, general freight and bulk
  • The packaging and the handling of liquids, gases, powders, general freight and bulk
  • The engineering of installations consisting of process equipment, pipelines, appliances, tanks, silos, chimneys (stacks), machines and conveyor belts
Food & pharmaceuticals has been one of the major sectors for Vicoma for many years. Through our involvement in various projects we know the do’s and don'ts in your sector. Not only with general rules and guidelines, but we are also well acquainted with the interpretation of project-specific requirements or requirements relating to your product or process. Our engineers have extensive experience including in food safety, traceability, contamination and hygiene. We are flexible in our approach and reliable in our implementation. The great advantage of Vicoma is our one-stop-shop approach. By combining different disciplines, we are able to give the best possible response to your question:
  • Project leadership and project management
  • Process engineering
  • Piping and engineering
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Machine construction
  • Building engineering, steel construction, concrete
Is the presence of one our engineers on site essential for the right approach? That’s where you can also count on Vicoma. We’re able to guarantee this service because we operate nationwide from various locations. The engineers that work for you are also able to be on location quickly if the completion of their work necessitates it.