Oil & Gas

The engineering firm for oil & gas

Vicoma has been familiar with engineering for clients in oil & gas for years. Our input is reflected in large and small projects, both onshore and offshore. We operate for many companies within the oil & gas sector.
Our spheres of activity:
  • The production, transportation, storage and processing of liquids, solids, powders, general freight and bulk
  • The packaging and the handling of liquids, gases, powders, general freight and bulk
  • The engineering of installations consisting of process equipment, pipelines, appliances, tanks, silos, chimneys (stacks), machines and conveyor belts
With this expertise, we are of significant value in all aspects that have to do with the processing and storage of oil and gas products. Many of our engineers work for clients on a regular basis.
Our experience in oil & gas
  • Feasibility studies, basic engineering and detail engineering
  • Processing and separation skids for oil and gas extraction
  • Miscellaneous projects for platforms and FPSOs
  • torage and further refining, processing and reprocessing, distillation
  • Complete tank terminals and many projects for storage tanks
What can we do for you?
  • Process engineering
  • Safety studies (HAZOP/SIL)
  • General mechanical engineering and piping
  • Machine and equipment construction
  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Steel construction, concrete and building engineering
  • EPCM (engineering, procurement, construction management)