Realising new production processes or a new building

There is a lot involved in developing a new production process or the realisation of a completely new building. What’s exceptional for you is standard work for Vicoma.

Our activities:

  • The construction of a complete industrial plant or site (greenfield)
  • Development and realisation of new production process or machine
  • Adding a new process
  • Skid (frame) construction
  • Prototypes
  • Construction of tank terminals

We map out and list a new production process or another production location from A to Z. If you want to have everything taken care of, then we can also provide an EPCM approach. In addition, you can also count on us to take project management, procurement and construction management off your hands. We even include permits in our service provision.

Multidisciplinary approach
Vicoma’s selling point is that we review your needs from a multidisciplinary perspective. Using our extensive experience gained in other national and international projects. Because of this our engineers design your system exactly according to the requirements and standards you set: from mechanical engineering to electrical and instrumentation, from machine construction to building engineering and from steel to civil engineering. We also have the key staff in-house to make your project a success. We can provide an organised team for this consisting of a project manager, project leaders and one or more lead engineers for each discipline.

Knowledge sharing is important to us. That’s why Vicoma’s process engineers work closely with your own process specialists. 

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