Service life extension of installations

If an installation is functioning, there is no reason for replacement. Vicoma can give you tailor-made advice as to whether extending the service life is of interest. Our engineers are regularly consulted to evaluate existing systems on their operation for the years to come.

Our activities:

  • The conversion of an existing installation for adapted use
  • Determining the remaining service life for heavily loaded structures and cranes
  • NEN 3140 inspections and thermography
  • Carrying out fatigue and service life calculations
  • Studies for the deployment of outdated assets

Also when the service life has theoretically been reached: why would you stop with the use if the installation, machine or crane still operated to satisfaction? That extended use can often be highly desirable. But if you don’t want certainty or extension of the service life to compromise the safety and continuity of your business processes, you should ask Vicoma. As an engineering firm we are highly experienced with the future proofing of installations.

Verification of reliability and safety
Modification, replacement or overhaul can give you the certainty that trouble-free operation is also ensured for the coming years. These are questions to which Vicoma can give answers with a lot of knowledge and experience. We are at your service with a verification that includes reliability, safety and operation. We do this by means of inspections and measurements. We also look with a practice-based vision as to whether process installations, buildings and machines satisfy the requirements and standards. The result: a practice-based recommendation with which you can move ahead for years.