Making production processes more sustainable

Attention to sustainable systems puts a lot of pressure on the process industry. How can you respond to that pressure and simultaneously optimise your production process? It’s important to know that many of our engineering activities are related to the sustainability of installations.

Our activities:

  • Renovating factories, master plan development
  • Emission requirements and ‘license to operate’
  • Engineering of new, more sustainable production methods
  • Electrification
  • Recovery and reduction of energy consumption
  • Use of alternative raw materials
  • Projects for start-ups active in energy and environmental technology
  • Recycling residual materials

Making installations more sustainable is key in many industrial sectors. Not only because companies are expected to undertake corporate social responsibility and be committed to saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Cost awareness and regulations by the government and industry associations are also boosting sharper greening objectives.

Sustainable production processes
With the assistance of Vicoma you can work effectively on attaining your sustainability objectives. Our approach to engineering procedures is also applied to sustainability projects. In the phasing we are used to going just that bit further in the detailing continuously keeping a close eye on the feasibility of the objectives. We do this by means of design verifications and calculations (including FEM and CFD).

Our expertise covers the whole range of disciplines: process engineering, process simulations, structural calculations, 3D modelling followed by detail engineering, procurement and construction supervision. During the complete process, we ensure that the same project manager is your contact person.

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