Start-ups and the upscaling of production processes

Vicoma Engineering has extensive experience in the further development of new technologies. We contribute widely to both start-ups and the upscaling of production processes, not only with technical knowhow, but our efficient and practical approach coupled with a no-nonsense attitude also make the difference. Recent projects come from different sectors.

Our activities:

  • The processing of residual substances or waste into useful intermediates or energy
  • The innovative replacement of an existing production method
  • The improvement of the profitability of existing processes or products
  • Generating energy from a new source or medium
  • The temporary storage of energy
  • The conversion of energy into a form of energy more easily to transport

We consider it important to contribute to energy and environmental initiatives that can make society sustainable. Projects that raise safety to a higher level can also count on our attention. Vicoma has all the in-house skills to allow new developments to flow faster to 'big' technology. We do this with a wide range of expertise and tools:

  • 3D design for machines and equipment
  • Prototyping
  • 3D plant design for factories, installations and sites
  • Feasibility studies, process design, P&IDs, process calculations
  • Safety studies (HAZOP, SIL)
  • Regulations and CE marking
  • Carrying out strength calculations and demonstrating dynamic behaviour using FEM (Finite Element Method)
  • Making simulations and studies on expansion, deformation, flow and the like using Computational Fluid Design (CFD)
  • Basic engineering, design and the execution of detail engineering

We are not only available for the development or upscaling of innovations. Vicoma also knows its way around the world of manufacturing and purchasing. Using that knowledge, we guide you in the further development process.

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